Comics & Sequential Art

An online mentorship taught by illustrator and sequential artist, Bill Koeb

Whether your interest lies in graphic novels, traditional comics, or comic strips, this learn-by-doing course outlines all of the foundational skills to master storytelling as a sequential artist. In as little as 5 weeks, our Comics and Sequential Art course will help you develop a newfound understanding of sequential storytelling.

Instructed by a seasoned comics and graphic novel artist, Comics & Sequential Art demystifies panel-based storytelling. From showing action and controlling pacing to developing a character with expressive emotion, this immersive course equips you with the tools you need to develop a compelling sequential story that is engaging for audiences and true to your style.

Featuring an industry-leading comic book artists as a guest speaker

Just a few of the many topics covered in the online course include elements of sequential storytelling, designing characters with expressive emotion, working from a script, designing dynamic pages and panels, and creating sequential art from thumbnail to finished art. As a result, students will develop an advanced comprehension of sequential storytelling.

Not only broaden your understanding of the sequential art process, but you will also complete three pages of polished sequential art during this assignment-based course. For instance, if you plan to work in comics, graphic novels, or similar industries, this is the perfect class for building a strong portfolio piece that has been guided and vetted by experienced artists.

Not only will you leave this class with multiple pages of layouts and thumbnails, but you will also develop strategies for identifying opportunities, contacting editors, and more.

Key Takeaways From The 5 Week Course

  • Panel to panel action & storytelling

  • Framing: establishing shots, closeups, mid shots, and more

  • Bringing emotion to your story

  • Working from a script

  • Design and process

  • Working from art direction

  • Perspective

Classes are hosted weekly, live and online. Your mentor will lecture on technique, skill, and the history of illustration. Added to that, you’ll join in for demonstrations, critiques, and Q&A sessions, with weekly homework assignments. All classes are recorded and optionally available on-demand.


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5 weeks

Live Classes

4 – 7pm PT

Price: $599 (limited offer)

Course Outline

Headshot of illustrator, painter, and comic book artist, Bill Koeb

Meet Your Class Mentor

Bill Koeb is an accomplished illustrator, who has focused his career on comics and sequential art

Bill Koeb is an illustrator, painter, printmaker, and educator based in Carrboro, North Carolina.

He has written and illustrated comics, created art for movies, illustrations for books, magazines, ad campaigns and has exhibited his paintings and prints in both group and solo shows. Not to mention, in 2003 a book of his work was published by Cartouche Press.

In addition, Bill’s Clients include: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, White-Wolf Books, Wizards Of The Coast, Miramax, Vanguard Publishing, Playboy, the New York Knicks, and The Village Voice. Learn more about Bill here >

live classes and Katherine Lam Art

Live Classes

Every class is delivered live and is fully interactive with lectures, demos, critiques, and guest speakers. Consider this your front row seat.

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Study Hall

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mini-courses are one-off, 5-week long classes that are topic-based. While many of the features and resources, such as personalized feedback and learn-by-doing assignments are similar, the Mentorship courses cover a broader range of topics and place students on a linear development track. Mini-courses take a deep-dive into all the details of a specific topic.

Guest Speakers are mentioned on course pages that feature guest speakers. Comics and Sequential Art does feature a guest speaker, but Foundations of Illustration, Color Theory, and Figure Drawing for Illustrators does not feature guest artists.

Yes! We highly encourage students add Mini-courses to their Mentorship program.

Mini-course class times vary depending on the course. Most of these courses are scheduled during weeknights or on Sundays, depending on your timezone. To view exact date and start times of each mini-course, be sure to visit the about page for the mini-course you are interested in attending.

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