Katherine Lam

An Internationally Recognized Illustrator

Katherine Lam is an award-winning illustrator based NYC. They grew up in Maryland, went to school in Florida, and now lives in Brooklyn, NYC. Their work stems from the realization that our emotions taint our reality and focuses on creating spaces that mirror our psychological state. While their work is grounded in reality, they strive to instill a sense of surrealism and limen in their images.

Awards & Accolades

Katherine Lam’s work has been in 3×3, Society of Illustrators, AI-AP, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, and Creative Quarterly. She has been featured in Photoshop Creative 166. The New York Times also listed Katherine’s artwork in the Most Memorable Illustrations of 2020.

Katherine’s artwork wast listed in The NYT Most Memorable Illustrations of 2020.

Clients and Projects

Early in their career, Katherine Lam worked with some of the biggest names in publishing, editorial, and advertising. Their images have been featured prominently by international media companies. The New York Times, New Yorker, NBCUniversal, Criterion Collection, Laundry TV, The Telegraph, Hollywood Reporter, Smithsonian Magazine, The Intercept, TED, Propublica, Amazon, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, The New Republic, California Sunday, Pop-Up Magazine, Spectrum Magazine, Believer, Times Higher Education, Outside, Outline, New Jersey Monthly, Sierra, Little White Lies, Editions Gallmeister, Milwaukee Magazine, Charlotte Magazine, Narratively, BUST, Telemedicine, Doctorish, Il Corriere dela Sera, and Dinardo Design.

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