How Does Our Program Work?

Visual Arts Passage delivers 10 week-long Illustration & Fine Arts courses taught by industry-leading professionals. Every class is delivered live & online, with personalized coaching. We have courses for all skill levels, each aimed at building your experience for career development

Identify Your Path

Visual Arts Passage offers two primary course directions. New students commit to a program, based on their creative interests and unique professional goals. The Illustration and Fine Arts Courses have many classes for students at each skill level.

Get Started

Once you determine your direction, we recommend starting with the program’s beginner course. Artists with advanced skills or extensive education have the option to enroll in intermediate or advanced courses.

Need help deciding where to start?

Build Your Skills

Develop the techniques, process, and visual picture-making applications used by industry-leading artists.

Map Out Your Goals

Determine the career you want to pursue in illustration or fine arts industries.

Develop A Portfolio

Apply skills towards a portfolio that caters to the industry and opportunities that interest you.

Pursue A Careeer

Learn networking, presenting your work, contacting art directors, galleries, and how to sell your services as an artist.

Need Some Guidance?

We can help you with any questions related to enrollment, portfolio development, and the student experience.

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