Digital Oils Brush Pack

This free brush pack designed by accomplished concept artist, Jon Neimeister, perfectly captures the intricacies of oil paints

Painterly Brush Strokes, Smooth Rendering, & Textured Grit

Brush Types: Filbert, Flat, Round, Filbert 2, And Flat

  • THIN

    Very little paint is loaded on the brush, for smoother strokes


    A lot of paint is loaded on the brush, for chunkier strokes

  • WET

    The paint is thinned down, covering more canvas and semi-transparent

  • DRY

    The paint is straight from the tube, more opaque and more textured


    The brush paints with both foreground and background colors, based on pen

The 5 main brushes each come with 8 different modes, allowing a variety of painterly brush strokes, smoother brushes for rendering, and texture brushes for adding grit. The varying modes enhance the realistic qualities of this kit, perfectly replicating the complexities of real paint.


For convincing results, use the same process as oils. Start with an underpainting, paint a layer above it, so you can scratch out the wet paint on top. Let some of the underpainting show through. Vary your brush direction and pressure for less obvious digital strokes. Most of the brushes have a hard edge on one side and a soft edge on the other, so be sure to monitor your stroke direction.

Concept designer and artist, Jon Neimeister

About Jon Neimeister

Jon Neimeister is an illustrator and concept artist working in the games industry, specializing in highly polished marketing art. He is currently a senior artist on SMITE by Hi-Rez studios, and has worked on many iconic IPs such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, Pathfinder, Game of Thrones, Dragon Age, and more.

Jon instructs Intro. to Concept Design, the first course in Visual Arts Passage’s Concept Art Program. You can learn more about the course here.