Gary Kelley Discusses Google Project at The Illustration Academy

We are joining students and instructors at the 2017 Illustration Academy workshop. The Academy is an immersive 5-week illustration workshop taught by many of today's most acclaimed artists in the creative industry. The below lecture features Gary Kelley as he discusses his mural project, which was commissioned by Google for their data center. This is the second mural Kelley has developed for Google. It is one of the largest reproductions of monotype ever. 

Gary Kelley lecture at The Illustration Academy 2017

George Pratt Demonstration at The Illustration Academy

We tagged along to the 2017 Illustration Academy event in Kansas City. This immersive workshop is taught by an amazing collection of artists. This week, Jon Foster, George Pratt, John English, Mark English, C. F. Payne, and Francis Livingston are all sharing their wisdom as professional artists. Below is a clip of George Pratt's lecture from Week 1.

George Pratt Lecture at The Illustration Academy.

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