Audrey Benjaminsen Joins as Guest Artist
for Illustration & Fine Arts Courses

The world-renowned illustrator will be sharing her craft, process, and professional development with Visual Arts Passage students next semester.

Photo portrait of artist and illustrator Audrey Benjaminsen

This summer, Visual Arts Passage is proud to announce the inclusion of Audrey Benjaminsen, a visionary illustrator and artist in fantasy art and publishing, as a guest artist for the upcoming semester.

Audrey Benjaminsen brings with her a wealth of experience and a boundless imagination. Benjaminsen’s journey into the realm of art has been nothing short of extraordinary, creating fantastical and whimsical creatures for some of the biggest names in entertainment, publishing, and editorial.

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Audrey Benjaminsen’s portfolio is a testament to the versatility of her craft, seamlessly blending traditional and digital techniques to bring her intricate visions to life.

With an impressive roster of clients including Simon and Schuster, Penguin Random House, The Folio Society, Wizards of the Coast, Tor.com, and Hasbro, Benjaminsen’s work has graced the pages of publications and galleries around the globe. Her distinctive style, characterized by its attention to detail and emotive storytelling, has garnered acclaim and admiration from art enthusiasts and critics alike.

Now, as a guest artist at Visual Arts Passage, Benjaminsen will share her expertise, insights, and passion with a new generation of aspiring illustrators and fine artists. Through this private event as part of the summer Illustration and Fine Arts courses, students will have the invaluable opportunity to glean wisdom from a master of the craft.

For students of Visual Arts Passage, the inclusion of Audrey Benjaminsen promises an enriching and transformative experience. Her unique perspective and innovative approach to art will serve as a guiding light, inspiring students to push the boundaries of their own creativity and explore new horizons.

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