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Edward Kinsella- Illustration Mentor, Fall 2018

Jon Foster- Illustration Mentor, Fall 2018

ImagineFX: Can you tell us about the relationship between Visual Arts Passage and The Illustration Academy?

John English: The Illustration Academy is a series of immersive in-person workshops, taught by working illustrators. Students travel to attend “The Academy” from all over the world for four weeks of intensive workshops and studio time every summer. With that in mind, we created an online program of equal caliber that is accessible to art students everywhere and on your own schedule.

Michael Bierek- Entertainment & Game Arts Mentor, Fall 2018

IN: What do the courses involve?

JE: Visual Arts Passage students receive in-depth, one-on-one guidance from experienced artists in small classes. All lessons are delivered live and are fully interactive. Every student has a front row seat to every tutorial, demonstration, and discussion.

Above & Cover Image- Victo Ngai, Guest Speaker, Visual Arts Passage 2019

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