Enrolling Spring 2019



REal Connections.
Total Immersion.
Fully Interactive.

  • Industry-geared lectures and tutorials

  • Hands-on lessons and assignments

  • Custom-tailored guidance and coaching

  • World-renowned Guest Speakers & Mentors

Visual Arts Passage bridges the gap between the art student and the industry.
John English, Co-founder


Never Stop Learning with SLack

Students and Mentors gain access to Slack, a private messaging board for continued learning. Slack allows students to share work, receive guidance, and stay engaged all week-long, between every class.


How does it work though?

  • Enroll in a single course

    Students enroll and commite to one course at a time. You can skip entry classes based on the quality of your portfolio.

    Entry Courses:
    Foundations (For Beginners, not a required course)
    Process: Skill & Craft (Some experience recommended, not required)

  • Attend the Online Class

    Each course consists of 11, 3-hour classes, delivered live every Saturday.* Students join their course Mentor and classmates in a live and online classroom. Classes feature lectures, demos, critiques, and guest speakers.*

    Every class is recorded and available on-demand the following day.

  • Industry Assignment

    Students receive a career-focused assignments nearly every week. The nature of the assignment depends on the course. Students work on their assignment during the week.

  • Connect on Our Private Slack Forum

    Students and instructors use Slack for communication and coaching between live classes. It's perfect for sharing work, connecting with peers, and applying instructor feedback. Think of it as your instructor's office hours.

  • Lectures/Demos, Critiqes, & Repeat

    Before the live class, students submit the completed assignment. A portion of class is dedicated to in-depth critiques of everyone's work. Afterwords, your instructor presents scheduled lectures, demos, or lessons.

    Repeat for all 11 classes.

  • Options for moving forward

    Continue: Enroll in the next course.

    Defer: Take a break and hold off on your next course.

    Dropout: You can drop out of the program after attending any course.



All Classes are streamable On-demand

  • Accommodates any schedule - never miss a class

  • Personal coaching still included in the recording

  • Recorded content is never recycled.

  • It’s like you were sitting in the front row.



What are you waiting for?


* Class content varies based on the course. Not all courses are exactly the same. For instance, Career Development does not include lectures or demonstrations and is heavily focused on critiques.