There are three programs: Illustration, Animation, and Entertainment & Game Arts. Each program is delivered in 3 progressive installments: I, II, & III.


Groups are 5 to 10 students. This creates a tight knit community with a strong emphasis on mentorship, guidance, and networking.


This program is totally customizable.  Students will spend anywhere from 5-30 hours a week in class and working on our industry assignments. 


Your mentor is a groundbreaking artist in the visual arts field. You will be receiving personal feedback and  information from a season pro.

One Week at a Glance



 Class is once a week on Saturdays, 10am - 1pm PST. We teach our sessions using the web conferencing software, Zoom. Attendees can live stream video, chat questions and comments, stream their desktop, and more. Twice per installment, high-profile artists visit as guest lecturers. This provides an opportunity to hear from industry giants.Plus, all classes are available on-demand viewing at a later time. 

Anke Gladnick illustration drawing painting

Receive Assignment

During the session, you receive an assignment to work on until the next class period. The assignments often start off simple and based on fundamentals. Quickly, the assignments focus more on realistic industry-driven assignments. This assignment was complete by Anke Gladnick for Edward Kinsella's class. 

3. Work during the Week

Slack is a mobile and desktop communication tool. It allows you to share work, ideas, and feedback in real time with your group peers and mentors. Mentors and attendees use Slack as much as possible during the week to maintain their creative energy. Students often will post their thumbnails or roughs to get midweek guidance from their mentor or fellow student. 


Killer Feedback from Mentors

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.39.21 AM.png
 Image by VAP attendee Rob Jordan.

Image by VAP attendee Rob Jordan.

Submit assignment

One hour before your Saturday session, you will submit your completed assignment to your mentor. You will receive a personalized critique along with your classmates. This is provided in addition to any class lectures, demos, or related events. This is a week 1, flat assignment by Rob Jordan.



At the end of the session, you will receive your assignment for the next week.