Peter Konig

Concept Designer, Illustrator, Sculptor, & 3D Artist

A seasoned pro in the film industry

Peter Konig started his career in the pre-computer graphics 80’s as a sculptor and fabricator working in practical special effects. After joining Tippet Studio in the early 90’s Peter was present for the great shift in film special effects when Jurassic Park went from a ‘practical effects show to aPPeter Königeter König largely digital one.

Taking on the Phil Tippett rule of “adapt or die” attitude, he went on to learn 3D modeling and animation. To name just a few iconic projects, at Tippett Studio Peter Konig was creature effects art director on the project Cloverfield, overseeing the translation of Neville Page’s concept art to model to final comp.

Eventually Peter Konig moved into concept art where he now specializes in creature and character design. As a returning guest speaker at Visual Arts Passage, Peter has shared his years of experience, detailing the tools, techniques, and approach to working in the entertainment & game arts industry.

Massive Black INC

Konig co-founded Massive Black INC, an art and design outsourcing company specializing in concept art and asset creation for games and film.

During his tenure the organization primarily focused on game art and assets, some of our clients included: Acclaim Studios, Flagship, Ion Storm, Activision, Blizzard, Backbone, Entertainment, NCSoft Disney, Z-Axis, Neversoft, Factor 5, Guerilla, EA, Sega America, Perpetual, Stormfront Studio, Junction Point and more. He currently works at ArenaNet.

Concept Art in Film

Peter Konig has worked on iconic films such as Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, Evolution, Beowolf, Arrival, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, Splice, and more. You can learn more about Peter Konig’s work here or visit his Artstation profile here.

Concept Art in Games

Peter has worked on iconic titles such as Probably Monsters / Cauldron Studios, Arena Net / Guild Wars II, Oculus VR 2016, Turtle Rock Studios / Evolve, 343 Industries / Halo 4, Valve Software / Left4Dead 2, Portal 2, Counterstrike 2, Dota 2, Defense of the Ancients, and countless more.

Artwork by Peter Konig

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