The Visual Scout: Insider’s look at The Illustration Academy

Last day of IA Summer 2018 - Raffle of all the mentor’s works and demos! Students go home with priceless works of art and even better memories.

Last year at The Illustration Academy summer workshops, a new hashtag was suggested by a mentor: #thisaintsummercamp and we felt it totally captures the joyful, but intensive, atmosphere of the workshops. Let’s deep dive into what makes these four weeks of workshops so special. Read more…

Edward Kinsella, Illustration Academy Mentor 2019

\Foundations is one of the most popular and critical workshops for art students. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, you will be learning from the industry’s most accomplished illustrators, painters and visual storytellers. Foundations is all about establishing great picture-making skills and observing legendary artists like Gary Kelley and Mark English do what they do best.

The first workshop, Foundations, is not just reserved for beginners, it also prompts experienced professionals to sharpen their skills and revisit the way they construct imagery. Between daily lectures, tutorials, one-on-one reviews, figure drawing, and sketching, students will work to complete a flat assignment to develop basic picture-making skills and advance their understanding of composition, color, and visual storytelling.

Mark English, Co-Founder of The Illustration Academy

Workshop II: Comics & Sequential Art

Workshop II is an intensive masterclass workshop of comic book and sequential art. Bill Sienkiewicz often gets credited with revamping the comic book industry in the 80s’. He’s continued to raise the bar since with updated works published monthly. Also joining workshop II, George Pratt is one of the most respected painters and illustrators in the comic industry, having worked on some of the most iconic brands, such as Marvel and DC Comics. Between daily lectures, tutorials, one-on-one reviews, figure drawing, and sketching, students will create a compelling sequential assignment as they develop their visual storytelling skills.

Edward Kinsella walks a workshop through his images for an artist lecture.

Workshop III: Editorial & Publishing Art

The opportunities in the editorial and publishing industry are rapidly evolving. During the Editorial & Publishing Art Workshop, students will receive hands-on guidance from award-winning illustrators. Many of these artists work both digitally and traditionally and will share their seasoned wisdom.

The visiting instructors will present lectures, demonstrations, critique students one-on-one and in groups. In addition, all students will develop an assignment geared towards this industry that poses similar challenges and problems working artists often face on professional jobs for book covers, magazine features, and more.