The Visual Scout: Best Art Podcasts to listen to in 2019

Everyday Artist Podcast: Illustration Academy Mentor 2019, Sterling Hundley

#1: Everyday Artist With Brent Watkinson

We love Everyday Artist from our friend Brent Watkinson.  He features amazing artists and mentors in the creative industry.  Each guest explains not only their artistic outlook but how to stay motivated and engaged in their work every day.  (Psst. There is a GREAT episode with our co-founder, John English)

#2: ArtCast With Chris Oatley

As a Disney character designer, Chris Oatley always knows the right questions to ask his guests, and always includes helpful insight into becoming a professional artist. With a vast rotation of subjects and interviews, you will always find something different with ArtCast.

#3: Creative Pep Talk With Andy J. Miller

episode we love: http://www.creativepeptalk.com/episodes/2018/11/20/208-find-your-focus-motivation-secrets-amp-time-management

Andy J. Miller is passionate about helping creative’s strike the perfect balance between art and business. Through ridiculous analogies, personal stories and artist interviews, Andy hopes to help you break free from confusion and make a plan for your creative career success! You’ll get this and MORE!(the more being Boyz II Men and Fraggle Rock references).

#4: The Lonely Palette With Tamar Avishai

episode we love: http://www.thelonelypalette.com/episodes/2016/5/10/episode-1-paul-cezannes-fruit-and-jug-on-a-table-c-1890-94

This podcast is all about understanding art through art history. In easy to digest segments, host Tamar Avishai is the, “art history buff you wish was next to you as you stare blankly at a white canvas with some splotches of paint on it.” We love every episode, but starting with her first podcast on Paul Cezanne’s Fruit and Jug on a Table sets up a great understanding of 20th century art & beyond.

What are your favorite creative podcasts? Tell us below!