Student Showcase, Spring 2020

Take a digital walk through our VR museum featuring work by some of the amazing artists who attended Visual Arts Passage for the Spring 2020 Semester.

As an online school, we’re passionate about building meaningful relationships and bridging a connected community in a digital landscape. Hats off to the students for creating such amazing work!https://www.artsteps.com/embed/5eb07922b808356fe05cfc7f/1280/720

Due to the cancellation and digital migration of our sister program, The Illustration Academy, The Spring semester at Visual Arts Passage was action-packed. We featured dozens of guest speakers, hosted hours of drawing nights with artists around the world, and drew our hearts out.

The Spring 2020 Semester featured Mentor artists such as Jon Foster, Edward Kinsella III, Viviane Kosty, Jon Neimeister, Audrey Benjaminsen, Dale Stephanos, Sterling Hundley, John English, and Brent Watkinson. The guest speaker roster had never been more packed with serious talent, including artists such as Wesley Burt, Karla Ortiz, C. F. Payne, Vanesa R. Del Rey, Iain McCaig, and many many more.

Our student showcase features artists from almost every level course in our mentorship programs.