50+ Easy Drawing Ideas for your Sketchbook

Alice Collins

Learning new skills can make learning incredibly challenging and enjoyable. Pro tip: bookmark this for later! You will want these easy drawing ideas you can reference at the drop of a hat!

Looking to add some creativity and new drawing skills to your daily sketchbook routine?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, there are plenty of cool drawing ideas that can help get your creative juices flowing. From simple sketches to more intricate compositions, there is something for everyone in this accessible compilation of easy drawing ideas and prompts.

Anyone can learn to draw, regardless of age or experience. The key is to start with easy drawings that gradually become more complex. This will help you develop your skills and discover your own unique drawing style.

One great way to find an easy drawing idea is to look for fresh and interesting subjects. Rather than trying to copy someone else’s work, look for things that inspire you and that you would like to capture on paper.

Once you have found your subject, take some time to study it carefully. Your drawing idea can come from anywhere! Observe its shape, form, and texture. Then, begin to sketch it out, using simple lines and shapes. Don’t worry if your drawing isn’t perfect at first – just keep practicing and you’ll soon see your skills improve.

What are some good drawing topics?

Drawings and imaginations need lots of practice. You can always start simple!

Try to draw something with a face. Drawing ideas that are open-ended are always easier because they allow for lots of interpretation! Create a cover for your favorite album. If you could Draw scenes from your favorite books. Show the fairytale that interests you best. Create insect-based inventions for yourself. If you want to make it more complex: try creating a complex flower in a realistic way out of race cars.

Draw a self-portrait. This is the first of many easy drawing ideas. But, you have to start somewhere!

Experiment with different drawing mediums to capture coral and sea creatures near a rocky beach scene. We love drawing ideas that use lots of colors!

Draw something from nature- how about from a nearby park? This would be the perfect setting for a forest scene with local trees. We are from the midwest and would include Ash trees

Create an abstract drawing of outer space. What great idea is floating around in space?

Draw a close up portrait of a loved one. Loved ones make an excellent drawing subject (and present afterward!)

Sketch a cityscape from natural objects like trees, flowers, seaweed, or clouds

Illustrate a favorite quote or saying. Starting with a simple drawing idea like a quote is a great way to begin a sketchbook’s theme

Draw a character from your favorite book. Can you use your drawing skills to create it with and without reference photos?

Paint a picture of a white picket fence using only black and white

Draw an object in detail

Find some drawing inspiration from our huge list of easy drawing ideas

If you’re just starting out, try to sketch for at least 15 minutes a day. Once you get more comfortable, you can increase the amount of time you spend drawing. It’s also important to find a subject matter that inspires you. This could be anything from nature scenes to cityscapes. If you can’t think of anything to draw, we gathered over 50 of the best drawing ideas for sparking your drawing inspiration!

Create a drawing based on a word or phrase – Try emotional words like enthused, lethargic, or manic

Try drawing upside down – like someone would in outer space!

Practice continuous line drawings – this will spark a creative idea

Repurpose found objects in your sketchbooks. Perfect for using up old drawing supplies

Make a sketchbook drawing using your non-dominant hand

Start with a doodle and lay them out in geometric lines on one page of your sketchbook. This is a fun way to begin drawing ideas

Draw patterns and geometric pattern variations to form a haunted house. What creatures would live inside this haunted house?

Create a drawing idea for yourself and use them to practice new skills like watercolor, oil paints, or pastel crayons. Easy drawing ideas to use as prompts might be: A Christmas tree, your favorite game controller, a fruit bowl, or everyday objects like cooking utensils from your kitchen

Look through drawing books for cool drawing ideas and inspiration and try recreating some of your favorite pieces

Experiment with drawing mythical creatures made out of different textures, like fabric or metal.

Practice these cool drawing ideas daily

It’s important for you to practice drawing every day and improve your technique as quickly as possible for good results.

When you think of an interesting thing, draw it or use these drawing ideas as your inspiration! Be patient with yourself and don’t expect perfection – remember that drawing is a learning process and everyone starts from somewhere. Your best drawing idea is sometimes the simplest.

Don’t forget to doodle in your sketchbook every day to keep your creativity flowing!

Use drawing apps on your phone or tablet to create a landscape sketch in park parks. Experiment with different styles and mediums. Do you have a favorite?

Practice drawing the same great subject from different angles, perspectives, and points of view. We recommend colored pencils for this exercise.

Join an online drawing community or challenge to keep yourself motivated and inspired as you work on your sketches. We love our creative community on Studio Bridge!

Draw someone special in your life, like a friend or family member, from memory on one page of your sketchbook, and from a reference photograph on another. Compare the two and see which one you think captures their likeness better

Keep a drawing journal to record your thoughts, ideas, and experiences as you work through drawing projects. Look back at this drawing journal for visual interest when you need the inspiration

Set aside time each day to practice drawing a fashion sketch for 10 minutes

Use drawing as a tool for relaxation and mindfulness by drawing mandalas, zen gardens, or other calming images

Create a drawing based on a dream you had. Try it with colored pencils for a dreamy, hazy effect

Tell a story through your drawings

Our favorite drawing ideas are a great way to practice sequencing and storytelling skills. What drawing idea will you come up with?

One way to practice your storytelling skills is to sequence events through drawings in your sketchbook. This can be a helpful activity whether you’re hoping to improve your drawing skills or just want to get better at telling stories. A simple drawing idea can spark an entire world.

Try to come up with a simple story that you’d like to tell. It can be something from your own life or completely fictional. Once you have the basic story down, begin brainstorming what scenes from the story you’d like to include in your illustrations. Here are some more prompts to spark your imagination!

Take a walk and sketch the things you see along the way. Bring watercolor paint with you!

Make a drawing using only straight lines. This is always easier with a digital drawing device or tablet in this digital age!

Try drawing with your eyes closed. Would you try to draw a still life or landscape?

Draw a speedy race car. Experiment with different shading techniques to create interesting effects in your drawings

Draw people in motion or animals in action. Maybe this scene is from your favorite fairy tale!

Draw just one planet. Use contrasting colors to make your drawings pop

Sketch a baby grand piano. Play around with perspective by drawing scenes from above or below

Paint a hot air balloon. Embrace imperfections and use them to your advantage in your sketchbook.

Turn photos into line drawings or sketches for a unique take on familiar subjects. How does it differ from drawing a real life scene?

Practice drawing with symmetry and geometric shapes. The front of board games boxes would be a great drawing idea to practice symmetry skills.

Do you have a creative block? Here are even more cool drawing ideas for your sketchbook is a great way to start

With so many easy drawing ideas to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique and interesting easy drawing ideas in your sketchbook.

Whether you prefer drawing a still life, landscapes with a hot air balloon floating by, real life portraits of your favorite artists, or abstracts, there are countless topics that make excellent drawing subjects that will keep you engaged and your drawing inspiration flowing as you work on your next piece.

Make repeating rectangles, or other repetitive patterns into an alien cityscape set on just one planet

Draw your favorite song. What does it look like to you? Are the musical instruments featured? I know ours would have an electric guitar front and center

Draw what you would eat for breakfast while camping. Fill your camping scene with breakfast foods like plain white eggs and toast!

Sketch your bedside table lamp. Don’t be afraid to try new things – experiment with different drawing ideas and mediums until you find what works best for you

Save your favorite sketches in an art portfolio so you can look back on them. You can even organize it by subject. Example: Put all of your still life or self portrait drawings together and you can see your progress over time

Draw a vintage scene. Try featuring things like a steam train. Where would the first steam train be arriving? Would there be a clock tower at the station?

Draw an abstract cityscape featuring your favorite building. It could be your childhood home or a tall skyscraper from Dubai!

Beginners are welcome!

If you’re a beginner artist looking for easy drawing ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below are easy drawings for beginners that can be completed with just a few simple supplies. To get started, all you need is a pencil and paper. Once you have your materials, try one of the following easy drawing ideas.

How would you capture realistic scissors? Use a lightbox or drawing tablet to trace images or sketches that you want to recreate

Have someone start a drawing, and take turns adding to it until you have filled out an entire page or digital canvas. In today’s digital age, it’s easy to connect and collaborate!

Create a still life using your favorite sweets as inspiration. Try this drawing idea: ice cream on a cake cone, or Easter baskets filled with candy

Complete a scene with imaginary ladders, dragon dragons, and moss covered rocks. How will you let everyday objects and imaginary beings interact in this drawing idea?

Be Patient!

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to draw, is that you have to be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your skills as an artist. Drawing is a process and it takes time to get good at it. That being said, don’t be too hard on yourself if your sketches don’t look perfect. Remember, even the greats had to start somewhere.

When you’re feeling frustrated, take a break! Sometimes the best ideas come when you step away from your work for a little while. Come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your drawing idea again.

Another great way to improve your skills is by connecting with other artists. Share tips, advice, and feedback with each other to help each other grow. We love seeing our favorite artists improve and become the best they can be!

What are some of your tips for becoming a better artist? Share them in the comments below!

Happy sketching!

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