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The Visual Scout: 5 Amazing Art Apps to Try During Visual Arts Passage Courses

While we are prepping for our Spring 2019 courses to begin, we wanted to deep dive into some of our favorite apps to create with our phones (and tablets). These apps make it easy to sketch and draw whenever and wherever you are. We love this idea! Let’s explore what apps we are excited to use. And, don’t forget to enroll in our Illustration and Concept Art programs before Thursday, January, 24th.

The Visual Scout: Meet Our Mentors – Edward Kinsella

Visual Arts Passage plays host to some of the art industry’s most iconic names. Edward Kinsella is one of those names. His accolades include gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, and a Gold Award from Spectrum. His clients include The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Simon and Schuster, The Atlantic, Penguin, Wired, Washington Post, Scholastic, The New York Times, New York Magazine, and many more.

The Visual Scout: Foundations FAQ (LAST DAY TO ENROLL!)

The newest course from Visual Arts Passage, Foundations, covers the essentials of visual arts, offering you personal coaching & guidance over five weeks of 3-hour classes. It has quickly become our most popular course because Foundations is all about creating a personalized experience, no matter where you are in your art career.

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