Finding Form in Concept Art

Presented by JASON FELIX

MARCH 24 at 12pm PST

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Learn from a pro concept artist.

About Jason

Known for his innovative digital photographic manipulations, Felix's works have been showcased internationally and have directly inspired numerous Hollywood projects. He has been involved in visually establishing major computer games franchises & Films such as Magic The Gathering, Starcraft, Dead Space, Prince of Persia, BattleField, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and many others.

Jason is currently working on creator intellectual Property projects such as Salvaged: The Art of Jason Felix, MidWest Monsters: The Field Guide, and other unannounced projects.

Clients & Projects:

  • Dark Horse Comics

  • Hasbro

  • EA Games

  • Invincible (Star Wars)

    & many more

  • Magic The Gathering

  • Blizzard

  • Call of Duty (Comic)

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  • Fury (Star Wars)

The Lecture

Form is a critical aspect of making thought-provoking images for all mediums. Often overlooked, it is a skill that can improve your pictures and take your work to the next level. During the lecture, students will have an opportunity to ask Jason about his images, as Jason shares his work and portfolio and explains the form and function of each image. In addition, Jason will discuss his career path as an illustrator and how he professionally landed in the concept art industry.



Jason will complete a roughly 90-minute digital illustration tutorial during this event. The demonstration will be of a fantasy or sci-fi creature common in the entertainment and game arts industry. The demonstration will be entirely done in Adobe Photoshop. This event is going to focus on form in concept, so the demo will predominantly highlight the early stages and process of developing a compelling image, while also touching on composition and lighting.


Learn concept design from a pro.


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