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Tommy Arnold

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Our Illustration Program is taught in 3 progressive installments. Each installment is taught by a Mentor over an 11-week period. Classes are roughly 8-10 students.

 Jon Foster

Jon Foster


Installment I

Technique & Skill

Installment I lays the foundation for advance picture-making and drawing. Your Mentor will share all of the tools you need to accelerate as an illustrator. Sessions will include lectures on technique, skill and the history of illustration as well as demonstrations, and critiques. Sessions are delivered to a small group of 8-10 students, led by a Mentor. Two of these sessions are instructed by high-profile guest lecturers and will be available to the Illustration community. 
(Groups meet on Saturdays for 3 hours, 10am - 1 pm PST, Delivered live and on-demand for 11 weeks) 

  • Process:  Understanding and applying the 5-step process
  • Drawing: Working from memory, life and reference
  • Composition: Developing images with shape design & picture construction
  • Media: Working with both digital & traditional medias
  • Sketchbook: Using the sketchbook as a powerful tool for idea development and creation.
  • Color: Simple application and understanding of color.
  • Two Guest Speakers: Two guest speakers will present to all groups during Installment 1.


(Price: $1,799 - See rates page for payment plans. This is a prerequisite for Installments II & III.)

 George Pratt

George Pratt


Installment II

Visual Narrative & Storytelling

During this installment, you will study and practice the art of developing a compelling and engaging story. This is a critical component of visual narrative and can be applied to essentially every corner of the creative industry. Each session includes either lectures, demonstrations, critiques, or projects. Sessions are delivered to a small group of 8-10 students, led by a Mentor. Two sessions of this installment will be instructed by highly acclaimed guest lecturers.
(Groups meet on Saturdays for 3 hours, 11 weeks)   

  • Story: Comprehending the narrative and story development.
  • Developing Images: Completion of four illustrations
  • Problem Identification: Understanding the assignment and challenges.
  • Problem Solving: Development of narrative or conceptual solutions.
  • Mood & Emotion: Creating mood and emotion in your artwork.

(Price: $1,799 - See rates page for payment plans. This session is a prerequisite for Installment III.)

 Edward Kinsella

Edward Kinsella


Installment III

Portfolio & Career Development

This final installment is a critical resource for students preparing to enter the industry. Your Mentor advises you as you prepare an industry-ready portfolio. These resources include guest art directors, critiques, and entrepreneurial guidance from seasoned artists throughout the 11 week installment. Artists will be provided functional and constructive entrepreneurial guidance. Sessions are delivered to a small group of 8-10 students, led by a Mentor. This is the last step towards developing a complete understanding of the industry and setting professional goals that will help you achieve your ambitions. 
(Groups meet on Saturdays for 3 hours, 10am - 1pm PST, Delivered live and on-demand for 11 weeks) 

  • Exit Portfolio: Developing finished images
  • Identifying the Industry: Identifying available careers and what you want to pursue
  • Directing your Portfolio: Understanding potential venues, markets, industry niches, and art directors to target
  • Self Branding: Online self promotion and networking
  • Marketing: Direct mail and additional strategies.

(Price: $1,799 - See rates page for payment plans)