Instructors: TBD
Difficulty: Advanced/near working professional
Length: 11 weeks (11 classes = 33+ hours of class)
Delivery: Live, online, and fully-interactive
Class size: 5-12 students

Students entering Career Development have an established portfolio and are prepared to apply the skills and knowledge towards their career.

During this course, students continue to hone skills, enhance their portfolio, and outline career strategies. Every step of this process is guided by an illustration mentor, a highly vetted professional in the illustration industry. This includes portfolio guidance, entrepreneurial counseling, and all the gritty aspects of running your own business and establishing a career. This course is repeatable, meaning it can be taken multiple times by the same student and the content will continue to change and adapt.


⚡ Industry perspective
⚡ Establish career goals
⚡ Identifying your industry
⚡ Studio pipeline
⚡ Studio environment

⚡ Directing your portfolio
⚡ Marketing & branding
⚡ Personal coaching
⚡ Exit portfolio

⬇️ Instructors


⬇️ Guest Speakers


⬇️ Course Content

⚡ Assignments
⚡ Lectures
⚡ Demonstrations
⚡ One-on-one critiques
⚡ Two guest speakers