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Visual Arts Passage offers custom-tailored art courses, by industry leading artists. A team of instructors help you sharpen your skills, craft, and career development. In as little as 12 months, you can build a career-ready portfolio.

guest speaker events with comic book artist, Afua Richardsons

Choose a Mentorship Program

Find custom-tailored tracks for different careers in the arts. Learn from groundbreaking artists as you develop your skills and build a body of work.

Connect with industry leading guest artists

Ask questions, join the discussion, and gain industry knowledge from the best in the game. Next semester features these rockstar artists.

All Summer Classes Gain Access To These Guest Artists:


Our instructors work with iconic names

When your instructor is working with and developing content with some of the biggest names in the industry, you can trust that your class will be loaded with practical and valuable information to develop your career.


Join a community and gain access to a support system to improve your art

Between weekly live class, bonus meet-ups, and our Discord Server, Passage students gain access to incredibly powerful and practical resources for professional artistic development.

Stay updated on upcoming free & premium community events.

Student Testimonials

VisualArts Passage offers a program that gives you a real tangible sense on how to move forward as an artist and develop a career as an artist or illustrator. It’s left me feeling optimistic and with a clear path forward!
Marcus Solomon

At Visual Arts Passage, this course maximizes your efforts by not only guiding the development of your artistic voice but also clarifying your desired direction in the industry. Because of tremendous support and guidance from the mentors, I had an artwork accepted into the 64th Society Of Illustrators annual and started receiving paying job opportunities from real-world clients.

Erin Ruffino

Visual Arts Passage isn’t just a top pick for online illustration classes, it is my top pick for illustration curriculum period.   The combination of inside information, individual mentoring and a small, committed cohort of fellow students is eye-opening and motivating. From day one, the instructors worked to really understand and meet me where I am, and the sequence of classes has propelled me down the path of becoming an illustrator in today’s marketplace.  Most importantly perhaps, I’ve seen my confidence grow — helping me to build skills and a sustained creative practice.  I’m interested and excited to do this every day.

Caroline Clarke

They meet students where they are at but manage to elicit high-quality results regardless of an artist’s background. Mentors genuinely care about their students’ success and want to help them find where they fit into the Industry. Good people with great insights.

Addie Green

Taking the portfolio development class with Visual Arts Passage was exactly what I was looking for to support my growing art career. I met so many talented individuals during the class that I continue to share my art with. Dale Stephanos and John English gave me the clarity I needed in moving forward in illustration.

Sydney Kysar

This was a deep dive that really helped me push boundaries.  I was encouraged to experiment with mediums and styles, developing habits and finding alternative approaches to composing professional art.

Rick Striek

I can not recommend them enough. What I have learned with them is all of the things I wish I had gotten in college and have searched for all my life.

Julia Lynn Powell

There is so much to say l would most likely still not do this organization justice—a fantastic place just to absorb knowledge and compassion towards art creation.

Simbisai Kahari

The program has been a tremendous help for me. Getting personal support and lots of in-depth discussions of one’s own work with some of the world’s leading professionals in the field is a true eye opener and a magical experience.

Paul Scherubel


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