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+ Why Visual Arts Passage?

Our organization fosters a positive culture that is strongly influenced by the masters of the visual arts field. We believe this influence is passed onto the attending artists. This isn't your typical art program. This is a community of artists training for a lifetime of learning, practice, and improvement.

+ Is Visual Arts Passage accredited?

No. Visual Arts Passage is not accredited. Unlike higher education, this is an industry-focused organization that will help you improve and advance your skills as an artist and introduces you to professional, working artists. This program is not built on theory, it is built on the industry.

+ How much of the Passage is online?

Visual Arts Passage is 100% online. All of the sessions are delivered live, but can also be watched on-demand as recordings. This is a completely interactive and immersive learning experience. We do work closely with the on-ground, in-person organization, The Illustration Academy. We join them every summer in Kansas City and encourage Visual Arts Passage students to visit their amazing program.

+ How much of the Passage is recorded?

Our sessions are delivered 100% live. We do not currently have any sessions that contain pre-recorded content. Your educational experience at the Passage will be completely personalized to your unique goals. Live sessions allow for networking and community building that is essential to portfolio development. In special instances, instructors will provide Passage Artists with recorded demonstrations or content in addition to scheduled live sessions. Recorded content is never used to replace live learning during sessions.

+ How does the mentorship work exactly?

Once you apply, you will be assigned to a mentor. This mentor will host 3 hour session once a week on Saturdays. You will attend the session with a group of roughly 8-11 students. We believe this is a small enough group to build a strong community and allow for plenty of personal guidance from the instructor. We believe community is an essential resource for advanced learning and improvement.

+ How long is your Foundations course?

Our Foundations course precedes our advanced courses and is required for beginner and intermediate artists. It is a 5 week-long course and is priced accordingly ($799). Our advanced courses are 11 weeks-long.

+ What do I need to attend Visual Arts Passage?

You need an ambitious, won't give up attitude, and a computer with access to wifi.

+ Do I have to pay for and commit to all five installments all at once or can I pay as I go?

You do not have to pay for all five installments at once. You only have to pay for the installment you are currently attending. If you finish that course and decide that you would not like to continue with Visual Arts Passage, there are no obligations or hurt feelings.

+ Can I pick my Mentor?

Students are asked to list a mentor preference in their application. We do our best to pair students with the mentors they request. This is not always possible and is not always advisable depending on the student's skill level or professional interest.

+ What software is used for the online Sessions?

We currently host all of our classes in Zoom. Students do not have to purchase this software.

+ What is the time commitment?

Sessions in all three of our programs are hosted every Saturday for 3 hours. Students will be provided with a great deal of resources and homework to advance their skills. Students should expect to commit 5 - 25 hours per week on assignment. In this learning environment, you get out what you put in.

+ I'm just starting out as an artist, Is Visual Arts Passage right for me?

It totally is a good fit for you. Visual Arts Passage levels the playing field for artists. Our groups consist of advanced and amateur artists. We go back to the basics and help you rethink the way you create visual narratives. This information is applicable to all artists, regardless of experience level.

+ I have a full time job or I'm Just a really busy person. Is this for me?

YES! This is designed for busy people - that's why all of our sessions are available on-demand and are hosted on Saturdays.

+ I am in High School - Can I apply?

We highly recommend you consider our secondary program for portfolio development. The Illustration, Animation, and Entertainment & Game Arts programs are not designed for artists aged under 18 and only accept students based on portfolio. You must be 18 years or older or provide permission from your parent or legal guardian to apply or attend any of Visual Arts Passage's classes.

+ What is your refund policy?

We will provide a refund up until 2 weeks before the start of the program. After that, we cannot provide a refund. Any cancellation requires a 5% processing fee, which will be deducted from the refund.

+ Do I receive Lifetime Access to the Class Recordings?

You will not have lifetime access to the streamed recordings. All of our instructors are working professionals. Due to artist licensing and intellectual properties, we are not able to provide lifetime access to the recordings. You will have access to stream the recordings up to one month after the end of the course you attend. If you proceed to the following course, your access to the previous course will be extended for the duration of the course you are attending. Our on-demand workshops are not the same. Read more about our on-demand workshops below.

+ I'm a professional artist. Am I too advanced for Visual Arts Passage?

Visual Arts Passage is the perfect place to sharpen your skills. Passage levels the playing field for artists. Our organization consists of advanced and amateur artists. Artists who are exceptionally advanced are allowed to test out of our first installment. This is not encouraged, but allowed on a case-by-case basis.

+ How many guest speakers are there and how does that work?

Each advanced course includes presentations by two guest speakers. The guest speakers will instruct during two class sessions in place of your mentor. The guest speakers are extremely successful artists who do not have the availability to instruct full time at Visual Arts Passage. Many of these artists are on year-round contracts with many of today's most iconic studios and brands. The presentations often consist of lectures, demos, critiques, or Q&A. The Foundations course does not feature guest speakers.

+ Can I skip courses in the program?

This is not recommended, but it is possible on a case by case basis. We typically suggest you attend all 5 installments. It is possible to test out of I. Foundations and II. Process: Skill & Craft. Please note this request in your application and forward your portfolio and academic credentials to

+ On-demand recordings

Our on-demand recordings are only available for streaming and can be viewed for up to 1 year after purchase. On demand recordings do not come with critiques or one-on-one sessions.

+ Do you offer any Scholarships?

Yes. We are working with Draw Without Borders to establish a scholarship program for women artists. Draw Without Borders is a small initiative to provide free art education to oppressed women artists who live in regions of the world that discourage or prohibit the progress of women in the visual arts. Currently, artists residing in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Iran, and Turkey are included in this program. We do not offer scholarships outside of the Draw Without Borders program.

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