Entertainment & Game Arts Program


Applicants Gain access to a Free drawing Demo

Our Entertainment & Game Arts Program is taught in 3 progressive installments. Each installment is taught by a Passage Mentor over an 11-week period. Classes are roughly 8-10 students. Students may only enroll in one installment at a time.

 Wesley Burt

Wesley Burt


Installment I

Process & Principles of Design

The first installment of our program lays the foundations for making industry standard pictures. This 11-weeklong workshop will equip you with the toolkit and language needed to develop a story. The mentor your are assigned offers strategies to simplify the complexities of making effective and artful designs. You will learn and apply the skills you need to visually communicate and idea or narrative.
(Groups meet on Saturdays for 3 hours, 10am - 1 pm PST, Delivered live and on-demand for 11 weeks) 

  • Design & Function: Awareness and defining purpose of design and function. What is the purpose of you making this image?
  • Methods: Toolsets and approach, development of skill, technical facilitation.
  • Shape, Value and Ratio: Meaning, juxtaposition, and harmony.
  • Drawing: Working and creating images from memory, life and reference.
  • Composition: Developing images with shape design & picture construction.
  • Iteration: How an image or narrative is delivered, paced, and/or how it moves. 
  • Understanding Color: Establishing mood and emotion with color. 
  • Observation and Whimsy: Establishing what is literal and what is imaginative.
  • Two Guest Speakers: Two guest speakers will present to all groups during Installment 1.


(Price: $1,799 - See rates page for payment plans. This is a prerequisite for Installments II & III.)

 Michael Bierek

Michael Bierek


Installment II

Identifying Your World and Story you want to tell.

Students use their acquired skills to further develop their skills through rigorous study and exercises focused on the career path of their choice. This is where you put your world building to work. This chapter of our Entertainment & Game Development program is heavily focused on storytelling. This will delve into problem solving, identifying solutions, developing character, environment mood and emotion. The focus of installment II is identifying a good narrative and how you craft a compelling story. 
(Groups meet on Saturdays for 3 hours, 10am - 1 pm PST, Delivered live and on-demand for 11 weeks)    

  • Lighting: Identifying and using light
  • Color: Identifying and applying color
  • Story: Understanding the narrative.
  • Creating a narrative
  • Production: Perfecting your craft. Practice Makes Perfect. 
  • Pipeline: Interpretation and communication under a deadline. This includes understanding workflow, production process, and delivery.
  • Inductive/Deductive Reasoning: Breaking down simple and complex tasks, understanding the assignment and developing a solution.
  • Atmosphere: Creating mood and emotion

(Price: $1,799 - See rates page for payment plans. This session is a prerequisite for Installment III.)

 Karla Ortiz

Karla Ortiz


Installment III

Preparing for the Industry: Portfolio, Presentation and Identity

This final installment applies all of the lessons, information, and tools explored in the two previous workshops towards entering the industry. This immersive chapter of the program is intensively hands-on and all students in attendance will develop a complete working portfolio. During this workshop, your mentor advises you as you prepare a portfolio that will apply to the industries you plan to pursue. Industry information will be  delivered through several guest art directors, critiques, and entrepreneurial guidance from seasoned artists. Two high-profile guest lecturers will present during this installment. This is the final installment of the Entertainment & Game Arts program.
(Groups meet on Saturdays for 3 hours, 10am - 1pm PST, Delivered live and on-demand for 11 weeks) 

  • Rendering Techniques: Adding and subtracting detail. final execution of an image to product ready.
  • Immediate Career Focus: Acknowledging weaknesses, developing strengths
  • Portfolio completion - You will develop a working portfolio to present to potential clients and companies.
  • Portfolio Development: making industry standard pictures.
  • Presentation to client: You will learn the proper etiquette and approach to presenting your work to a client.
  • Self Branding: Aligning your social media, website and self promotional materials
  • Marketing: Direct mail, social media, networking with art directors, creative agencies, studios, and potential clients.
  • Final Image: How is your work going to be used by the client?

(Price: $1,799 - See rates page for payment plans)