This program consists of four progressively challenging online courses. The classes are small, the lessons are industry-tailored, and the instructors are world-class.


I. Concept Design

This course establishes the foundation for character, creature and environment design.
Instructor: Lars Grant-West
Guest Speakers: Jay Machado, Romell Chopraa
Delivery: Live & online
Difficulty: Beginner


II. Advanced Concept Design

This class explains how to complete the three stages of development in concept. Students learn the process of unifying a character or creature concept within an environment.
Instructor: Chien-Kang Chen
Guest Speakers: Jay Machado, Romell Chopraa
Delivery: Live & online
Difficulty: Intermediate/experienced


III. WOrld Building

Learn how to develop images from an art description that applies to a specific story. Students utilize world building skills by way of lectures, demonstrations, guest speakers, and industry-relevant, hands-on assignments.
Instructor: TBD
Starts: Spring 2020
Delivery: Live & online
Prerequisite: Advanced Concept Design


IV. Career Development

Students continue to hone skills, enhance their portfolio, and outline career strategies. Every step of this process is guided by an illustration mentor, a highly vetted professional in the illustration industry.
Instructor: TBD
Starts: Summer 2020
Delivery: Live & online
Prerequisite: World Building