Watercolor Painting Tutorial

An immersive Online demonstration by George Pratt

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a Master of watercolor painting shares his process in detail.


About The Watercolor Tutorial

George Pratt is a Guest Speaker and visiting Mentor at Visual Arts Passage.

George Pratt is a Guest Speaker and visiting Mentor at Visual Arts Passage.

George Pratt is respected internationally for the quality of his watercolor paintings. During this in-depth, 3-hour tutorial, George will demonstrate each step of his process, from sketch to finished piece. George will stream via webcam every step of his painting.

During this interactive and online class, attending students will be invited to ask questions throughout the tutorial and during the Q&A.

In addition to sharing insights on technique and process, George will discuss his career as an illustrator, painter, and comic book artist.

Whether you’re a beginner, work digitally, or have experience with watercolors, this is a rare opportunity to hear first-hand advice from one of the most talented and acclaimed visual artists.

Visual Arts Passage Co-founders, John English and Timmy Trabon join as moderators. The class is delivered live & online, using Zoom Video Conferencing.


About George Pratt

George Pratt is an award-winning painter, writer, photographer. His work is in numerous private collections world wide. He is a recipient of the Eisner Award for his graphic novels, a Spectrum Gold Medal, and Best Feature Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival for the documentary film "See You In Hell, Blind Boy". 

George was honored to be included in Walt Reed’s book The Illustrator in America 1860 – 2000. He was also awarded a Gold Medal in the Spectrum Awards of 2002 and has had his work exhibited many times at the Society of Illustrators in New York.

In addition to his gallery work, he is currently working on the International Black Light Project on the genocide in West Africa, his blues novel, See You In Hell, Blind Boy, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream from Locust Moon Press, and Above the Dreamless Dead from First Second books.

George Pratt is a visiting instructor and mentors at Visual Arts Passage, He also instructs at The Illustration Academy Workshops in Kansas City, MO every Summer

George Pratt

George Pratt


*This is a one time only event. A temporary recording will be available to attendees. Tickets are non-refundable. All artwork courtesy George Pratt.