portrait of illustrator and painter, Thomas Blackshear

Thomas Blackshear II

Iconic Illustrator & Painter

About the artist

Thomas Blackshear graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1977. After attending art college, during his time working for Hallmark Card Company in Kansas City for one year, he befriended industry legend and Kansas City local, Mark English. Thomas apprenticed with Mark for a number of months during his time in Kansas City.

The work of Thomas Blackshear

In 1982, Thomas started freelancing in illustration, a career he continues to this day. He has established a worldwide reputation, known for his exceptional application of lighting, mood, and style. His work has spanned countless industries, including but not limited to advertising, books, calendars, collectors’ plates, greeting cards, stamps, and national posters. His clients include some of the biggest entities in the commercial industry such as, Disney, Goerge Lucas Studios, Universal, US Postal service, National Geographic, Universal Studios, and countless others.

Some of the most notable and seen paintings and artworks by Thomas Blackshear include Pope John Paul II, Postage stamps for the US Postal Service, Star Wars, Ebony Visions, Star Trek, Hallmark Cards, ornaments, sculpted figurines, and more

A Career of Accomplishments

The accomplishments of Thomas Blackshear have been acknowledged with countless awards from organizations such as the Society of illustrators, Kansas City Art Directors Club, Illustrators West Show, San Francisco Society of Illustrators, Plate of the Year Achievement Award.

Simply put, Thomas Blackshear is the gold standard when it comes to visual storytelling. You can learn more about his many accomplishments and his extensive career here >>


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