Illustrator and painter, Chris Rahn portrait

Chris Rahn

Fantasy Artist & Painter

About Chris Rahn

Where to start… I was born in San Francisco and spent my first seven years in the Bay area. From there, my family abruptly moved to a small town in rural Washington state, I think a lot of my early interest in art came from being a being a city kid in a farming town and not really knowing what to do with myself. The one thing  that always drew my interest though was creating creatures and places that just couldn’t exist; monsters, mutants, aliens, etc. An early obsession with the Ninja Turtles is probably also to blame.

I drew and painted all through school and eventually realized that I wanted to pursue art as a career. After high school I decided on the Academy of Art (then College, now University) in San Francisco where I majored in Illustration and earned my BFA. This is the part where I thank Chuck Pyle, Kazu Sano, Stephen Player, Moxie Stoermer and all the other great instructors that helped and encouraged me along the way.

Since graduating I’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients including Magic the Gathering, Tor Publishing, Random House, Harlequin, Blizzard Entertainment and the Village Voice.

These days I live and work back in my little hometown of Dayton, Washington.

Now Instructing:


Spring 2022

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