headshot portrait of comic book artist, Afua Richardson

Afua Richardson

Award-winning Illustrator & Comic Book Artist

About Afua Richardson

Afua Richardson is an Indigenous / African American illustrator best known for her work on the Eisner Award-winning series Black Panther World of Wakanda. She is the recipient of the Nina Simone: Young gifted & black award for Artistic Achievement.

Other works include Xmen 92, All-Star Batman, and HBO’s Emmy-award-winning series, Lovecraft Country.

In addition to being an illustrator, she completed an undergrad at Julliard, and is a seasoned singer/ songwriter, musician, voice actor, composer, and mentor to many aspiring artists. She is the creator of her upcoming graphic novel series Aquarius the Book of Mer. You can learn more about Afua here.

Where it all started

Although she was a self-taught illustrator she began creating comics professionally under the alias ‘Lakota Sioux’ in 2004. After being featured in the Eisner award-winning Anthology series ’24 Seven’ by Ivan Brandon and various other contributors, In 2006, her cover for Jim Bott’s ” Half Dead” horror series debuted her Marvel career. Today, Afua is known for her vivid colors, striking characters and non-traditional representations of [super] humanity.

Afua Richardson and Lovecraft Country

In this interview, Richardson shares the importance of comics in her life and how comic arts contributed to storytelling in the Lovecraft Country universe. You can learn more about the HBO Series here.

Afua Richardson Joins Visual Arts Passage as Guest Speaker

Afua Richardson will be joining Visual Arts Passage as a visiting artist for the Illustration Program for the Spring 2022 semester. The Guest Speaker are just one of the many services offered by the Mentorship programs at Visual Arts Passage.

Other guest speakers featured include Thomas Blackshear, Chris Rahn, and concept artists Karla Ortiz, Brian Matyas, and Claire Hummel

You can learn more about Visual Arts Passage and the Illustration Program Mentorship here.

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Spring 2022

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