Instructor: John English
Difficulty: Beginner
Length: 5 weeks (5 classes, 15+ hours of class)
Delivery: Live, online, and fully-interactive
Class Size: 5-12 students

This hit-the-ground-running course is perfect for beginner artists who plan to attend our Illustration or Concept Art Programs. This class equips artists with an advanced comprehension of illustration. Every student is assigned a working professional as a mentor. This mentor shares all of the tools needed to accelerate as an artist.

The course covers sketching, drawing, and the necessary skills to understand the foundations of illustration. This course is led by one industry-vetted mentor. This course is recommended for novice and beginner artists.

⬇️ Content

⚡Lectures and demonstrations
⚡Hands-on assignments and critiques
⚡Basic skills and techniques
⚡Working with composition
⚡Drawing from memory, life and reference


⬇️ John English


John English is an accomplished painter, illustrator, and is the co-founder and program director of Visual Arts Passage. He is also the founder and director of The Illustration Academy.

He has received numerous awards from organizations including New York Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Graphis and Print Magazine. John’s work has graced the cover of Newsweek, the pages of Esquire, Money, and Essence, and the publications of Penguin Books, Bantam Books, Hitachi, 7-Up, NCAA, Sprint Corporation, and the Knoll Furniture Group.



⬇️ Class 1: Process

Proper use of sketchbook, Process, Drawing from memory and reference, Media demonstration
Assignment #1 - Observational Portrait

⬇️ Class 2: Light & Form

Shadows, edges, Nupastel figure drawing demonstration. Assignment #1 Critique.
Assignment #2 - Figure drawing with reference

⬇️ Class 3: Basic Perspective

Media demonstration (water based, water color, gouache, acrylics), Value control, silhouette, developing thumbnails. Assignment #2 Critique.
Assignment 3 - Still life

⬇️ Class 4: Composition and Design

Shape design, light & dark pattern, division of space. Developing images from thumbnails. Media demonstration: (Oil based mediums, retaining a drawing). Assignment #3 Critique.
Assignment 4: Landscape

⬇️ Class 5: Composition & design

Point-Of-View, identifying and establishing design, basic color, Media demonstration: (Oil based medium, from out of focus to in focus)
Assignment #4 Critique.