Characters Collide:

An all-star panel about character development with Bill Sienkiewicz, George Pratt, Wesley Burt, and C. F. Payne.



A Character Jumpstarter

Visual Arts Passage is teaming up with The Illustration Academy for a live-streamed discussion with Wesley Burt, Bill Sienkiewicz, George Pratt, and C. F. Payne. This free webinar will explore character development with some of today's most accomplished visual artists, who are currently mentoring at The Illustration Academy. Learn how each of these artists capture likeness, communicate emotion, personality, and more into their characters. IA founder, John English, will moderate the discussion.


Character development starts here.


Let's talk about character.


Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz (pronounced sin-KEV-itch) is an Eisner-winning, Emmy-nominated artist best known for revamping the style of comic and graphic novel illustration from 1980 onward, most notably with Marvel Comic's Elektra: Assassin and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters, earning him an international reputation and cult status across media industries. 


Wesley Burt

Wes has built a successful career as a freelance illustrator and concept artist. As an illustrator he has worked for numerous studios and projects such as The Transformers franchise, GI Joe 1&2, TMNT2, League of Legends, Bethesda- Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Sims 4, Batman Arkham Origins, Hasbro, Wizards of The Coast- Magic: The Gathering, and many others.


C. F. Payne

Payne's work has graced the covers of Time Magazine, Readers Digest, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Book Review, MAD Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and more. He has been commissioned to paint countless politicians, authors and entertainers. He has illustrated ten children’s books, including The Remarkable Farkle McBride and Micawber, written by John Lithgow.


George Pratt

George Pratt is an award-winning painter, writer, photographer. His work is in numerous private collections world wide. He is a recipient of the Eisner Award for his graphic novels, a Spectrum Gold Medal, and Best Feature Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival for the documentary film "See You In Hell, Blind Boy". 


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