Episode 57: Controlling Chaos as an Artist

This episode of Illustration Isolation features photo ref by the talented commercial photographer Travis Carroll. Featured artists include Cassandra Loomis Kim, John English, Bill Koeb, Raymond Bonilla, and photographer Travis Carroll. Topics covered include professional development as an illustrator, inspiration as a photographer, and fostering a great environment for creative production.

Illustration Isolation: Episode 36

About the episode: This episode features an all star collection of artists including Montalvo Machado, Bill Koeb, John English, Raymond Bonilla, Dale Stephanos, and C. F. Payne. This week, we share conversations about self-improvement, staying sane during quarantine, and making better art. We also discussed our latest announcement regarding Studio Bridge, a groundbreaking platform, officially available for beta users this month. If you subscribe now, you will gain access to a 30 day free trial.

Illustration Isolation: Episode 32, Figure Drawing The Tuskegee Airmen

About the episode: This episode features illustrators such as Raymond Bonilla, John English, Don Kilpatrick, Dale Stephanos, C. F. Payne, Bill Koeb, and a brief presentation by former director of the Society of Illustrators, Terry Brown. This week marks the first installment of our month of ‘Underdogs’. For this first episode, we featured photo reference of some of the most admirable and courageous underdogs in history, The Tuskegee Airmen.