The Visual Scout: Art Supplies we L-O-V-E

Why does Visual Arts Passage make us so happy? Because we love connecting working artists with industry professionals. Cutting out the things that are not important and focusing on the essential skills and tools necessary to succeed is at the heart of our programs. We were recently featured on Creative Bloq’s list of best online art classes (check out the full list here:

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Special Guest, Victo Ngai 2019

Special Guest, Victo Ngai 2019

One of our Spring illustration sessions is led by one of our favorite mentors: Edward Kinsella. He recently hosted live online demos straight from his studio, the same place he hosts classes each week online! Here’s what some of his students had to say about their experiences:

This is an incredible program. Mentors are really invested with your success and work with everyone at whatever stage of their artistic development, regardless of style.
-Anke Gladnick, Illustration Summer 2018

So- what are our favorite art supplies to pick up before our best-selling illustration classes?

#1 - Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper- 18” x 24”

#2- Mangaka Flexible Marker- Fine Black 

#3- Staedtler Mars Technico leadholder clutch pencil 2mm 780C

#4- Staedler Mars Pastic Eraser

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