The Visual Scout: A Perfect Project

This week on The Visual Scout: Let’s chat about the art of the book cover. It’s a project and a process that embodies the illustration platform. Conveying a concept, tone, or character trait of a publication with one image seems like the perfect way to stretch your skills! We have gathered some tips on how to make the most of a book cover.

The Visual Scout: A New Blog

Edward Kinsella III will lead our last free online discussion on August 26, 2018, at 10 AM PST. Before we join him for an in-depth look into what it takes to define your style as an illustrator and artist, let’s look let’s look at some of illustration’s most iconic style movements.

George Pratt Watercolor Demo at The Illustration Academy

George Pratt is instructing 5 weeks at The Illustration Academy and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be tagging along for their summer session. This demo was completed by George during week 2 of the Illustration Academy. As you will notice, George is phenomenally talented artist and equally gifted teacher. This video was originally taken as a Facebook Live event.

Gary Kelley Discusses Google Project at The Illustration Academy

We are joining students and instructors at the 2017 Illustration Academy workshop. The Academy is an immersive 5-week illustration workshop taught by many of today’s most acclaimed artists in the creative industry. The below lecture features Gary Kelley as he discusses his mural project, which was commissioned by Google for their data center. This is the second mural Kelley has developed for Google. It is one of the largest reproductions of monotype ever.

Episode 57: Controlling Chaos as an Artist

This episode of Illustration Isolation features photo ref by the talented commercial photographer Travis Carroll. Featured artists include Cassandra Loomis Kim, John English, Bill Koeb, Raymond Bonilla, and photographer Travis Carroll. Topics covered include professional development as an illustrator, inspiration as a photographer, and fostering a great environment for creative production.

Episode 51: Ghosts, UFOs, and the Value of Traditional Art School

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Episode 51: Ghosts, UFOs, and the Value of Traditional Art School
Draw alongside artists such as Dale Stephanos, Cassandra Loomis Kim, John English, Jon Neimeister, Bill Koeb, and more in the first episode of Season 2! This week’s episode features photos courtesy Cory Popp.