The Visual Scout: Five Things To Do During Holiday Break


Whether you’re headed back home or staying put during this holiday season, we’ve got some great ideas to keep you busy and creative while you drink egg nog, eat sugar cookies, and watch Home Alone too many times.

Audrey Benjaminsen, Instructor 2019

Audrey Benjaminsen, Instructor 2019

#1: Recycle & reuse

When all the presents are unwrapped- what are you left with? Amazon boxes, wrapping paper, and tissue that will all get thrown away. Why not use that as a force for creativity?! Use the boxes and wrapping paper to create interesting shapes and patterns to draw a still-life. You might be surprised at how tissue and paper can become sculptural and fun to draw!

Jon Foster, Instructor 2019

Jon Foster, Instructor 2019

#2: fill up a sketchbook

When A Christmas Story is playing 24/7 somewhere in your house, you might need to take a break and pick up your sketchbook. If you find yourself not wanting to draw the “leg lamp” one more time, we love to use this random word generator to spark our creative energy. It’s also a great way to develop quick sketches and work on drawing from a reference! Check it out here:

#3: let a friend or family member draw a shape and then complete it

It’s after dinner, everyone is tired and sleepy, but you know that is the best time to start a silly game. Here’s one that will also help you! Have your friends and family draw shapes and doodles in your sketchbook, and now you’re tasked with completing the nonsense into something that will look awesome. They always turn out fun!

#4: Join Visual Arts Passage for a free portfolio review

We love that Visual Arts Passage classes fit your schedule. So, when you head back home after the holidays, you can start thinking about all the ways to keep your artistic journey going. Join John English for a one-on-one portfolio review & then join us for our line-up of spring 2019 courses starting February 2! Click here to get started.