Instructors: TBD
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 11 weeks (11 classes = 33+ hours of class)
Delivery: Live, online, and fully-interactive
Class size: 5-12 students

Unify a character or creature concept within an environment. The class explains how to complete the three stages of development in concept. This includes sketch, final render and asset delivery. Over the course of 11 weeks, students will develop personal work, improve by way of hands-on assignments, attend weekly lectures, demonstrations, and guest speakers.


⚡ Sketch stage
⚡ Emphasis on conceptual design
⚡ Developing from description
⚡ Refinement of shape and design
⚡ Composition studies

⚡ Color compositions
⚡ Final rendering
⚡ Troubleshooting texture, light & form
⚡ Final asset delivery
⚡ Break up final render into layers for multiple uses

⬇️ Instructors


⬇️ Two Guest Speakers


⬇️ Course Content

⚡ Assignments
⚡ Lectures
⚡ Demonstrations
⚡ One-on-one critiques
⚡ Two Guest Speakers