Instructor: Chien-Kang Chen
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 11 weeks (11 classes = 33+ hours of class)
Delivery: Live, online, and fully-interactive
Class size: 5-12 students

Unify a character or creature concept within an environment. The class explains how to complete the three stages of development in concept. This includes sketch, final render and asset delivery. Over the course of 11 weeks, students will develop personal work, improve by way of hands-on assignments, attend weekly lectures, demonstrations, and guest speakers.

⚡ Sketch stage
⚡ Conceptual design
⚡ Developing from description
⚡ Refinement of shape
⚡ Refinement of design
⚡ Composition studies

⚡ Color compositions
⚡ Final rendering
⚡ Troubleshooting texture, light & form
⚡ Final asset delivery
⚡ Final rendering in layers

⬇️ Course Content

⚡ Assignments
⚡ Lectures
⚡ Demonstrations
⚡ One-on-one critiques
⚡ Guest speakers


⬇️Chien-Kang Chen

Chien-Kang works full-time as a concept artist and illustrator at a studio for location-based entertainment. Clients include Universal Studios, DMG Entertainment, and various other unannounced projects involving entertainment properties. In addition to his job, Chien-Kang freelances and has guest spoken at New York University, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Art Center College of Design.

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Chien-Kang flew off to chilly Manhatan to attend New York University. For Economics. However, he made the mistake of dabbling in art while studying abroad in Florence. So, naturally, after graduating NYU, he dropped it all to pursue Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design. All of his past experiences, from his tricultural LA upbringing, to his two degrees, to his hobbies of cooking and photography, inform and feed into his art.

⬇️ Jay Machado

Jay Machado is a 3D modeler/texture artist working in the film, advertising and video game industry. His body of work includes music videos and commercials, a AAA game, amusement park rides and feature films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight.

Jay currently works at Disney/Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic as a Model Supervisor on Disney +'s The Mandalorian, but is also interested in physically based rendering, VR, game development and 3D printing outside of work.

⬇️ Romell Chopraa