Peter Konig

Concept Artist | Guest Speaker


Peter Konig

Peter Konig

A leader in the concept art industry.

Konig co-founded Massive Black INC, an art and design outsourcing company specializing in concept art and asset creation for games and film. During his tenure the organization primarily focused on game art and assets, some of our clients included: Acclaim Studios, Flagship, Ion Storm, Activision, Blizzard, Backbone, Entertainment, NCSoft Disney, Z-Axis, Neversoft, Factor 5, Guerilla, EA, Sega America, Perpetual, Stormfront Studio, Junction Point and more. He currently works at ArenaNet.

Konig’s work includes:

2017 Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen: Concept Artist, Dark Horse Entertainment
2017 Fantastic Voyage: Concept Artist, 20th Century Fox, 
2016 Lost In Space: Concept Artist, Spectral Motion, self
2015 Arrival: Concept Artist, FilmNation, self
2015 The 5th Wave: Concept Artist, Sony Imageworks, self
2013 Passengers : Concept Artist, The Weinstein Company, George Hull Inc.
2012 Jupiter Ascending : Concept Artist, Warner Bros, self, George Hull Inc. 
2011 Matterhorn : Concept Artist, Tippett Studio/Disney, 
2011 Warm Bodies : Concept Artist, Summit Entertainment, self
2010 At the Mountains of Madness, (Early Dev) Concept Artist, Lightstorm/Guillermo Del Toro
2009 Splice : Concept Artist, Copperheart Entertainment, Tippett Studio
2009 Surrogates : Concept Artist, Disney, Self
2008 X Men Origins, Wolverine : Concept Artist, Tippett Studio
2008 Cats and Dogs, Revenge of Kitty Galore : Concept Artist, Tippett Studio
2008 Beverly Hills Chihuahua : Teaser Trailer Art Director, Tippett Studio
2008 Cloverfield : Creature effects Art Director, Tippett Studio
2008 The Spiderwick Chronicles : Concept Artist, Tippett Studio 
2007 Beowulf : Maquette Sculptor, Iceblink studio
2007 Enchanted : Maquette Sculptor, Tippett Studio, Tippett Studio
2006 Santa Clause III : Concept Artist, Tippett Studio, Tippett Studio
2005 The Wild : Concept Artist, Complete Pandemonium, Tippett Studio
2005 Constantine : Concept, Tippett Studio
2004 The Mask II, Son of the Mask : Animator, Tippett Studio
2004 The Stepford Wives : Animation Supervisor, Tippett Studio
2004 Starship Troopers II : Animation Supervisor, Tippett Studio
2003 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen : Creature Effects Art Director, Tippett Studio
2002 Blade II : Lead Animator, Tippett Studio
2001 The One : Animator, Tippett Studio
2001 Cats and Dogs : Animator, Tippett Studio
2001 Evolution : Creature Effects Art Director/Lead Designer, Tippett Studio
1999 The Haunting : Lead Animator, Tippett Studio
1998 Practical Magic : Animator, Tippett Studio
1997 My Favorite Martian : Animator, Tippett Studio
1997 Virus : Animator, Tippett Studio
1996 Starship Troopers : Sculptor/Fabricator/Lead Animator, Tippett Studio
1995 Aftershocks, Tremors II : Modeler/Animator, Tippett Studio
1994 Dragonheart : Dragon Designer/Sculptor/Fabricator, Tippett Studio
1994 Three Wishes : Animator/Fabricator, Tippett Studio
1993 Coneheads : Creature Designer/Sculptor/Stop Motion Puppet Fabricator, Tippett Studio
1992 Jurassic Park : Animatics Mold Maker/Fabricator, Tippett Studio
1991 Star Trek IV, The Undiscovered Country : Sculptor
1991 HBO Tales From The Crypt : Sculptor/Fabricator
1991 Honey, I Blew Up the Kid : Sculptor, Yagher Productions
1990 Child's Play 3 : Sculptor, Yagher Productions
1989 Of Mice and Men : Sculptor/Fabricator, Yagher Productions
1989 Bill and Teds Bogus Journey : Sculptor/Puppeteer, Yagher Productions
1989 Radio Flyer : Sculptor/Fabricator/Puppeteer, Yagher Productions
1988 Arachnophobia : Sculptor Chris Walas Inc
1988 The Chilling : Makeup Effects, self
1987 The Vineyard : Makeup Effects, self

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