Aaron Sorenson

Animator| Guest Speaker


Aaron Sorenson

Aaron Sorenson

A seasoned veteran when it comes to animating story.

A NorCal native, Aaron is grounded in traditional 2D taught by the greats, but infuses his own style and modern insights.

His assured drawing style, story sense and nuanced characters make him one of our studio’s go-to artists. One of the best things about Aaron is his calm exterior that hides a design/animation madman who quietly runs wild between all styles and mediums.

Aaron’s latest animated short, Jailbreak ,has screened (and taken home prizes) at awards at festivals around the world.

Shot in black and white, this stop-motion tale follows the daring escape of a desperate prisoner fleeing his nightmarish cell and his quest for sweet punishment. The film is a German Expressionist-inspired design mash-up of stop motion with a 2D design sensibility … and a decidedly adult twist.

In the content world, his work includes a collaboration with They Might Be Giants’ to create the music video The Bastard Wants to Hit Me and campaigns for Nike, Starbucks, Shaw Cable, Honey Nut Cheerios, Target, Orville Redenbacher and Dole. He garnered big honors at many environmental and animation festivals for his work on The Surfrider Foundation’s PSA Rise Above Plastics and for his animation direction on credit sequences for the features ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls.