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Visual Arts Passage offers two primary programs, Illustration and Concept Art, taught by industry leading art professionals. Both programs each consists of 4 online courses that progress over four semesters. The uniquely qualified art instructors act as mentors throughout this period. During live classes, the mentors help you sharpen your skills, craft, and career development. Throughout the course of one year, you will build a career-ready portfolio and join a community of talented artists along the way.

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Whether you’re working to break into the comic book industry or have dreams of becoming a freelance cover artist, the Illustration Program covers almost every corner of the visual arts industry.

Learn from the biggest names in concept art, build a real-world understanding of the industry, and develop the skills you need to have a competitive edge in the entertainment and game arts.

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Renowned Guest Speakers

In addition to your course instructor, each semester offers 3 real time guest speakers in live classes. Guest speakers are working artists that have risen to the top of their field. You will learn their approach to their craft, as well as insights into their professional careers.

What our students have to say

There is so much to say l would most likely still not do this organization justice—a fantastic place just to absorb knowledge and compassion towards art creation.

Simbisai Kahari

They meet students where they are at but manage to elicit high-quality results regardless of an artist’s background. Mentors genuinely care about their students’ success and want to help them find where they fit into the Industry. Good people with great insights.

Addie Green

I can not recommend them enough. What I have learned with them is all of the things I wish I had gotten in college and have searched for all my life.

Julia Lynn Powell

The program has been a tremendous help for me. Getting personal support and lots of in-depth discussions of one’s own work with some of the world’s leading professionals in the field is a true eye opener and a magical experience.

Paul Scherubel

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Visual Arts Passage. As a member of their new Studio Bridge Program, their weekly lectures from industry-leading professionals, drawing sessions, and artwork critiques have been an invaluable part of my growth as an artist over this past year. For anyone looking to level-up their skills among dedicated, thoughtful, and entertaining mentors, Visual Arts Passage is an absolute must!

Erin Ruffino

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